Kenneth Gbandi for Chairman NIDO Europe

Kenneth Gbandi

Re-calibrating and Galvanising NIDOE'S Human Resources, skills and Financial Capabilities for the development of Nigeria.

The Founding Fathers of NIDO had envisioned a strong official Diaspora body for Nigeria that would genuinely harness the talents and expertise of Nigerians in Diaspora to help in pursuit of socio-economic advancement of the Nigerian state. Obviously, it has taken early patriots who have led the organisation much longer than envisaged to sharpen the tools that would aid us achieve our goal. In that process, many results had been achieved but much more could be accomplished.

Our challenge is that now and again, we find ourselves taking two steps forward and three backwards. We can change that through electing the right leaders. It is attainable. We have done it in NIDOE Germany and I have been opportune to be the team leader of the body 's operations in the last 3 and a half years. Colleagues up and down Europe with whom I have been privileged to work with over the past years have urged that I lead similar operations at Europe level of the organisation and having given it my due consideration with due consultations, I thought I must give it a shot.

I am giving it a shot because I am certain that I am able to rekindle the fast dwindling indomitable Diaspora Spirit, unite us around a common agenda, work effectively with the private sector, have governments and non-governmental institutions at all levels as allies and bring Nigeria’s latent development partners on board as active partners. Though others will tell you something different, the work to be done is not more complicated than this. We can do it and I want to provide us the strategic Servant-leadership as Chairman Board of Trustees to do it.

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